Each time it happens, synchronicity feels like magic to me. I’m thinking about someone I haven’t seen for a long time and I meet them the same day. I want something specific to happen in my life, and, sometimes, all of a sudden, life offers me an opportunity to make it happen. There are times when I experience synchronicity almost every day, but there are also periods when nothing like this happens for a very long time.

During one of such periods, I was thinking about this total lack of synchronicity in my life. I even started thinking that perhaps Jung was wrong and that maybe the whole concept is just our wishful thinking. A series of meaningless coincidences. I started reading about synchronicity again and asked for some sign, some evidence to get me on the right path. Later that evening I decided to watch the most recent episode of ‘Fringe’. Guess what the episode was about! SYNCHRONICITY. Yes!!!

There was this fantastic quote at the end of the episode:

‘Well, destiny, fate. Jung called it synchronicity, The interconnectedness of apparently unrelated events. (…) Now as a scientist, I like to believe that nothing just happens, that every event has some meaning. Some sort of message. You just have to be able to listen closely enough to hear it."

~ William Bell (to Peter, convincing him of the existence of fate and destiny)

Now you think it was a coincidence? No way! Synchronicity. Magic:)

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The other name for what you are calling it is Alignment.

Never heard this one, but I like it too.

Bcj: lol yes, I know something about Einstein hair too! <br />
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'Synchronicity - What must be will be' - exactly!<br />
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Tas: 'I think it is all something to do with what we look for and what we expect to find' - I agree with that too. If we have our eyes open and senses sharpened we might see and feel a lot more.

I think it is all something to do with what we look for and what we expect to find <br />
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I still find it fascinating that if I look for orange (for example) I see it all around me from a flower on a bag , a folder, a book , a pen. The same with another colour and the same with kindness or meaness.<br />
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I believe that if i expect today to go well, to experience synchronicity in some form them that is just what I will experience. So much passes us by when we are too distracted to see or feel.

Miss May<br />
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Yes, some mornings the hair does an Einstein on me.<br />
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Synchronicity - What must be will be.

Thanks for commenting, Guy. Yes, I believe in the power of positive thinking, I believe that it may work like magic too, although it's obviously not always easy in all situations to think positively. But synchronicity, I think, is something slightly different - it's more like the belief that things happen for a reason (no matter positive or negative things), that one thing leads to another to produce a meaningful event. It's a bit similar to your discussion about fate :)

Bcj, I'm not sure if I can see magic when I first look in the mirror in the morning ;) But other than that, yes Sir, you're definitely right!

The greatest magic stares back at you from the mirror.<br />
<br />
Two single cells became<br />
<br />
a physical body<br />
a psyche<br />
a sensual being<br />
a sexual entity<br />
an emotional persona<br />
an emotive human<br />
a reproductive organism<br />
<br />
PURE MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know what you mean, Undrende. I could talk about things like these for hours too :)

That's what they say - if synchronicities happen in your life, you probably ARE on the right path :) thanks for commenting, SparkLilly!

I really enjoyed reading this and the quote at the end. A lot of interesting sychronicities have been happening in my life lately. The more they happen the more I believe they're just not coincidences. I hope they mean I'm on the right path :) Thanks for sharing!

I can see that ;)

Aye, milady<br />
<br />
life is as simple as I make it.<br />
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bcj : Now that would be synchronicity indeed, wouldn't it LOL<br />
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Trailguide - Thanks :) 'nudges from the Universe' I like that! And I can't wait for the next Fringe season! :)

Great story! I love that you got your answer through Fringe! My favorite show too! <br />
And Belly said it so well :) The Universe is not random and to me sychronicities are little nudges from the Universe that keep reminding us of that :)

hey - you are single. I am single. That is synchronised. hahahahaaaaa<br />
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love<br />

It's exactly the same for me, Datura! :) Thanks!

I love this story, CherryMay. It seems to me that the more I validate the sychronicities in my life, the more it happens for me.