Garden Rainbows

I joined this group and was thinking about simple, magical things I could write about.  This came to mind.

I recall a very hot summer in England, I think it was around 2003 or 2004.  I was with my daughter at my father's house and we were in the garden enjoying the sunshine.  She would have been about 8 years old or so. 

My Dad and his family always enjoyed water fights - I remember my grandma and uncles and aunts throwing buckets of water over each other - play fighting - when I was a young girl. 

On this occasion, when my Dad suggested getting out the garden hose and watering the garden (bearing in mind it was somewhere around 40 degrees C), I knew what was coming.

Myself and my daughter were in our shorts and tee-shirts and my Dad stood on the back step of the house and turned the hose on us.  Of course we screamed the house down as the water was freezing and ran about the garden screeching and trying to get away from him.  Well a lot of wrestling then ensued and I eventually managed to turn the hose on my Dad too.  He was really enjoying himself of course, it was his favourite game to play after all. 

I do remember that afternoon being full of simple fun with the three of us.  An abiding memory is of the water streaming in an arc from the hose and making rainbows across the garden.  I wonder if my daughter remembers that.  I'll have to ask her.

My Dad passed away in January 2007 and I do remember lots of amusing times with him but the water fight and the rainbows was what I was thinking about today.

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Thank you TOCIC ... I recall the weather that summer was exceptional ... it's never usually that hot in England ... now I live in Ireland and we are lucky to hit around 65 at best in summer!!

Yes they were MusicMouse ... hard working men who were like oak trees - tough and uncompromising in so many ways and yet soft and gentle. He never raised his voice to me in anger in all my life. Yet, he would curse like a trooper - an attribute I didn't inherit thank goodness, although I am like him in many ways.

Haha ... thanks Dex - yes, I'll try to think of my Dad as a rainbow - although he wasn't really the delicate rainbow type - a big man - 6'2" with huge hands and thick wrists ... still physically really strong at 80 when he died! I like to think of him as being more an oak tree - something solid, strong and reliable.

Beautiful! Three generations of the Bliss family sharing some magical moments that still keep working their magic. Sometimes it seems the simpler the experience is, the more clearly we recall it. Each time you do remember, Bliss, your Dad is reincarnated as a rainbow.

Yes, we have fun with it too ... and when we do it always reminds me of my father!

Thanks for sharing this post! was my dad's favorite thing to do with us kids... now I still enjoy this kind of activities with my daughters! : )

Yes they are michelle. I asked my daughter if she remembered this day and she said she did and could even remember what she was wearing!

Thanks Sylph and Dreamsincolor.

that was such an amazing and sweet story thankyou for posting that,.

Dads always have that magical charm to brighten and enliven our lives... such sweet memories, Bliss........*hugs*

thanks mizz- yes they are the warmest memories.

A delightful memory, blissy :) It is these afternons of simple fun, simple pleasures, that are the warmest.<br />
<br />

it was lovely spring ... the do-it-yourself rainbows were very special.

thanks LITW ... it's lovely to have sweet memories of our parents to cherish.