A Walk Through Life

Glass Half Full.

-Reward and Accomplishment  come to each and every one of us each day . Thankful and Greatful for my presence on  this earth is a anxious arrival to a more progressive and rewarding life . Yes old programming is very hard to overcome sometimes , progress may be preceived difficult to achieve. Just remember that if you look down on all opportunities and changes in life  those like the glass of water will always seem half empty. 


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1 Response Jul 27, 2007

I read each day of those that believe their day to be half full of positive prospects, some who are searching for positive gratification in life , some that believe that the negatives of life have more power than goodness. power of life in in the control of the person , if you believe that life is dealing you sadness and sorrow then maybe that is where you want your life to be. Negatives of life or given recognition by the person. have you ever listened to a person that may be telling you of how beautiful the day is and what a wonderful time they are having and then at the end of the conversation they will say something like well this wont last it will most likely rain. Step up in life be grateful and thankful for the rain .