My Uncle Likes My Leotard And Tights

When I was 18 I just came home from ballet practice and my uncle was over at the house. He was my mom's oldest brother and he would come by very often. He brought me a present that day it was a new leotard and tights. It was a long sleeve purple leotard and matching purple tights. My mom told me to go put it on so they could see how it looked on me. I told my mom that I didn't want to put it on. I was tired from being at ballet lessons and just wanted to take off my leotard and tights from practice and relax. She told methat I better get upstairs and put on my new leotard and tights that my uncle bought for me or she would get the hairbrush and give me a spanking. I went upstairs and put on the leotard and tights. It fit perfect and I looked totally hot in it. I went downstairs and my mom had gone to the store and it was just me and my uncle and he had me turn around a few times so he could see how it fit. He took a few pictures of me and I noticed he had a ***** when he stood up from his chair. I was posing for him and made sure he got some nice pictures of my hard nipples and my nice mound. He sat back down in his chair and I went over and sat on his lap. His huge thick ***** was poking me right in the butt. I could feel it throbbing between my butt cheeks. Then he started pumping and pushing his hard **** into my butt crack. The next thing I know he grabs me and bends me over the table. He unzips his pants and takes out his giant *****. He starts pushing it into my tights covered butt. He was actually pushing my leotard and tights into my butthole along with his hard ****. Then he started pumping hot *** into my butt crack. My mom was just pulling into the driveway when we finished so I ran upstairs and put on the long sleeve black leotard and pink tights that I had worn to ballet practice because it was the only clothes that were out and quick to grab. My mom came uypstairs and thought that I never tried on the leotard and tights that my uncle humped me in. She takes me downstairs and asks my uncle if I showed him the leotard and tights he bought for me. He tells her no and tells her that I went upstairs and never even came down the whole time she was gone. She gave 10 really hard spanks and told me to go get the hairbrush. I went up to her room and got the wooden hairbrush from her dresser and took it downstairs.
She took the hairbrush from me and handed it to my uncle and told him to give me a spanking. My uncle took me by the arm and pulled me down across his lap and started giving me a long hard spanking. He must have given me at least 100 spanks with that hairbrush. Then he told me to stand in the corner. He went over and talked to my mom and was talking about me. I heard her say well if you think thats what she needs then do it. My uncle came over and grabbed me by the ear and took me upstairs to my bedroom and he took off his belt and told me I was going to get another spanking. He put me over his lap again and started spanking me with his belt. The next thing I know he's pulling me up by my hair and taking me over to the desk and he bends me over the desk and spanks me even harder with his belt. Then I hear his zipper come down and he grabs the leg hole of my leotard and pulls it over to the middle and pulls down my tights enough to put the head of his big hard **** against my butt hole. Then  he grabs me by the hips and starts pushing and shoving to get the entire length of his thick **** into my butt. Now he starts humping into my butt like crazy and then he shoves it as deep into my butt as it will go and starts pumping his hot *** deep into my butt. When he was finished he just stood there with his **** in my butt while we both caught our breath.
That was just the beginning of me wearing leotards and tights for my uncle!
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If he took pictures does he post on the internet if so where did he post em & why would he do that

Okay...this was weird. First of all, you just admitted your uncle is not only an incestuous pervert, but a filthy liar. Second of all, what the hell kind of mother spanks her grown *** child with a hairbrush? I'm trying to be as objective as I can about this, but uh-uh...that's just wrong all around!

Nice story

Your uncle seems like a jerk

...and a pervert!

This is Hot Hot HOT.!

I want to read more stories!!!

As sick as it is, I have a super ###### when I read it as this happened to me

never heard so much chit in my live you must be a bit touched in the head you crazy mother fker

what a load of ****

Thats very cruel

You still wear leotards for your uncle?

Hopefully, this disgusting story is not real. It makes no sense anyway.
And what's with the positive comments? What's "sexy" about this?

i had a simmiler experence

wish i had an uncle like that

you want to be bummed in leotards you want to wear leotard and tights while having sex

so basicly every time your uncle comes round he bums you when you were a leotard that is harsh did you tell your mum or did you keep it a seacrute


Your uncle doesnt love your leotards.He loves your bottom in truth. The leotards are just to highlight what he is interested in.And you also wear them to attract men I am sure.

Your uncle doesnt love your leotards.He loves your bottom in truth. The leotards are just to highlight what he is interested in.And you also wear them to attract men I am sure.

I love tights too!

Would love to have a niece like you in the future, or just you now!

dude she got bummed my her uncle she didt do anything about it

very sexy story! was this the same day any of your pics were taken?

had anything happened or did anything happen to you after the pictures that we can see were taken?

Wow! that's some story.Did your Mom ever find out? Do you still wear leotards and tights? and do you have any pics of you in them? Also I have a ton of pics of girls in Leotards on my profile if you want to see them.Take care

do you thnk she knew and kept it quiet? how often was he doing things to you?