Wearing A Leotard To See The Tax Advisor

Last February I ,signed up to see the volunteer tax preparation representative at the local library. Even though I don't look good in a leotard I decided to wear my white nylon stretch leotard and tights to the appointment.

The leotard has a scoop neck and long sleeves.  I know that you can see my bra through the fabric but I still love how the leotard feels and how it stretches around me.  Decided to wear womwn's corduory slacks over my black tights.

I got dressed after showering and putting on perfume.  Combed my long hair and added a watch, necklace, rings, and bracelets.  I wore my ladies winter boots and a scarrf and ladies gloves.  I had collected the tax information to review and had it in a canvas bag.  Made sure I had the house and car keys in my purse with a pen to check off my list of tax questions and take notes.

Off to start the car and scrape the windshield.  It was chilly and quite windy that morning.  Decided to treat myself to a cup of hot coffee and went into the coffee shop to wait in line.  I paid for the cup of coffee and back to the car.  Found a parking space at the library and grabbed the bag and my purse. 

I checked in at the library desk and they were on schedule.  I was a litttle early but went into the conference room to wait. I removed my coat and fixed the shoulders of the long sleeved leotard.   My appointment was with a delightful asian woman who waas perhaps five years older than me.  She was a CPA and had lots of tax preparation experience.

I introduced myself and explained about the situation I needed her help with.  She smiled and was just wonderful.  It was so very enjoyable sitting in front of her with the leotard on and taking notes.  She printed several tax forms for me and I managed to make a note or two on which form goes with which question.

I'm glad I had on my leotard.  It was very comfortable.

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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

I love leotards also, I wear them all the time.