I Wish...

I like to think that i look good and passing and i try so hard to look beautiful, but i always get down on myself and convince myself that i will never be a real girl. 
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i endured over 30 years of daily "passing" 24/7, when it really mattered to look down right perfectly "feminine". but nowdays, the way real (gg's) females are wearing "menswear" style cothes, and rarely make themselves look "feminine" anymore. it's a breeze going out and enjoying yourself without any of the inhibitions of years past. <br />
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life is too short to let even 1 single day go by, with you "wishing" and "wanting", or "worrying" about "passing. the worst i've heard anyone say, is how they got old and never experienced their lifelong dream of feeling the wonders of wearing all those silky things and looking pretty in public.<br />
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even as i've got older and had to transition to being a husband and father of two great kids. i still haven't stopped enjoying what i've loved about being out and about dressed "enfemme".<br />
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God Bless and enjoy what time you have left.<br />
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it's great lol. honey, I'm down to passing all the way to the virginia slim ..

Oh, I forgot to mention. "Passing" is way over rated. It really is just hiding in plan sight. It's much more pleasing to yourself and others to be presentable. People will love you for who you are, and treat you the way you present and act.

Susan, we are always hardest on ourselves. You are fortunate to be living in a time where you have so much input about gender ex<x>pression all around you, and you are young enough to enjoy it. It's ok to feel like you aren't just perfect pretty on the out side, non of us are. Yah just need to know that you are a total beauty and have so much to look forward to in your life. Be who you are!

you look great just as you are