Am I Really Ugly?

Please take few minutes to read this long text (at least the last paragraph) ... maybe it will help to some of you, who think you look ugly.


Many of us look at ourselves and say: ''damn I look bad''

Once I was like this too. I didn't like the way I look. I always wanted to look diferent ... ''batter''. When I was in primary school, wvery time I looked in the mirror, I saw an ugly abomination. In the last year of primary school, I found out, that two of the girls like me, but it didn't change my mind. Later in secondary school, I noticed that some girls actualy liked to talk to me and liked to be near me. I still don't know why ... maybe they liked my looks, or maybe they saw me as a good person. That is the time, when I looked in the mirror again, and said: ''What was wrong with me for all these years? I look pretty good!''. Now I met a girl, that is most wonderful for me, and she thinks I'm a great person (actually we knewn each other for 3 years before we started to talk. We just had to know each other better)

I think that the people with more confidence get more attention ... maybe not at first, but when people start to really know you and find out that you are a great person, then you will bloom.


It's not in your look! It's in your heart! Just let them know you ... don't be shy, because life is too precious to get beautiful things and experiences past you just because of thoughts like this.

Klendo Klendo
5 Responses Mar 2, 2009

i am also confused regarding myself.actually I hate myself

well i am also confused regarding my looks

My husband is gorgeous and he says Im beautiful but its impossible cus I look in the mirror and wish he has someone who was really beautiful to look at. It makes me cry now. I just don't understand.

pretty is as pretty does,that stands for truth right there,well love and light mary

good love story....hahah... life is more than that.