Ugly Isn't Going to Stop Me

Growing up, I looked like the chunky kid with some potential. I was always a few lbs heavier than everyone else, but I never thought I was ugly until I was in 5th grade. My best friend and I were talking about a camp we were going to, and how we'd love to spend the summer in the pool. Someone mentioned that I was "kinda fat" and should work on that so I'd be in great shape for summer.

5th grade. 10 years old and already thinking I'm too fat for swimsuit season.

I've since embraced the fact that I will never be the pretty girl. I will always be the chick the other girls bring to the mall to feel better about themselves, to make themselves look better. To encourage them, and tell them they look great, even though those size 2 jeans wont button. Never mind I've never worn a size 2 in my life.

In a way, it's empowered me. I may want to puke when I look in the mirror, but it pushes me to do things I'd be uncomfortable doing otherwise. I just don't care anymore. Ugly is not going to stop me from poppin' it in the club.

snokat snokat
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 2, 2009

hi, i was just reading some random stories and i came across ur story. if ur avatar is a real pic of u, then u r no ways ugly. ur only as ugly as u think u r, but keep this in mind...its the content of ur heart that really counts.<br />
<br />
best wishes 2 u