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Just Crack Already

I’m wait for the glass to crack. I’m waiting for a break in the glass. I’m waiting for it to shatter into a hundred thousand million pieces. I’m waiting for the reflection to become broken. I’m waiting for the fibres to cringe. I’m waiting for the pieces to crumble into power. I’m waiting for it to be nothingness.
The funny part – I have cracked a mirror. No punches. No kicks. No slamming of an object in it. Just looked at one once and it cracked. Hmhmhm, guess the famous old “so ugly you’ll crack a mirror,” is really true. No wonder I avoid mirrors whenever I can. I don’t want to cause people to dish out money to buy new mirrors.
The small pieces break-up the extended picture. The minimise the damage. They hide the faults. They hide fugitives of gruesomely horrendous ugliness. The physical beast is covered. It’s hibernating in the glass. All the flaws: every uneven, deformed,  out-of-place overdone, underdone, missing aspect, are hidden from the eye. In a neat, untampered glass, that doesn’t happen. The reflection if clear.
The person stares back at me. The character is just as messed up as the body. At first glance, she looks friendly, safe, innocent, ordinary like any girl should be. A closer look brings darkness. One discovers an impurity. A nastiness. Her smile is fake. Her eyes don’t shimmer with happiness. I hate the reflection. The appearance and the personality.
And I know that person frowning back, is me.
Floydess Floydess 18-21, F 8 Responses Jun 13, 2011

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This is the point I go: "What the snacker-cracker?" O.o

Aaaahhh! *mini epiphany*

That's where I got it from! *giggle-giggle* You used the line and then I decided to call you it. =P

When exactly did I become a mohito? ^^ Each time you say it, it makes me think about the Pixar (I think) movie Rango. "You bettah ruun, mohito!"

*hugs her little mohito* Thanks, Sweety. ♥

Floydess, I'm going to tell you this, and I want you to know that I mean it with my whole heart and soul.<br />
<br />
You. Are. Gorgeous. Inside and out. I don't care if you're broken, or even damaged - You are beautiful. Everyone who loves you sees that too. If only you could see yourself through our, you'd see something entirely different from what you convince yourself. You are one of the most beautiful people I've ever come across, and that's saying a lot, because I've been lucky to meet many beautiful people. Many ugly ones too, so I know what I'm talking about. You, my dear, are not one of those ugly souls. You are like a blooming violet among grey weeds. I truly mean that.

*giggle-giggle* Well, doesn't that help. =P

Maybe the mirror cracked because of some other reason besides you just looked at it. It's not possible. It could have had weak glass and maybe it had something to do with temperature or something and it just happened to break when you looked at it and it could have just as easily cracked right then even if you hadn't.