Yes I do have a nuaghty secret

I’ve known my best friend since Junior High. We hung out together and almost always were at her house. Her mom worked shifts and was out at night so I used to have sleepovers with her for company. Her dad was cool and he would come to the bedroom and read to us. They had a spare room for guests but I slept in my friend’s bed with her. Each night we would put on our PJs and head to bed after brushing our teeth. I can’t remember how it started but her dad encouraged us to taste each other’s minty breath and said we should kiss each other. We were both young and thought it was fun but it became something we always did when I stayed over.


Each night we would brush our teeth then go to bed and he would come in and get us to kiss. We played with each other’s tongues and then one day he encouraged me to put my hand inside my friend’s PJ top. She had started growing boobs but I was flat as a pancake. Her boobs felt soft and lush in my hand and she kissed me harder when I squeezed them. This all went on over a long, long, period of time so when he asked us both to take our PJ tops off I had also grown a set of breasts. We kissed and fondled each other and it was nice but then one night he ran his hand up my leg and I felt more that night than I had ever felt in all the years I had been kissing his daughter.


I longed to feel his hand on me again so when I next stayed over I ******** down to just my panties and got into bed with my friend. She did the same and when her dad came in we played together. I waited and waited and then it came. I felt his hand on my lower leg then moving slowly up my thigh. It felt like heaven and then it slipped round the curve of my *** and squeezed. I felt myself getting wet and then when I looked over at him I noticed he was playing with his ****. I was so excited. He slid his hands all over the skin on my legs and then I felt something warm on my ankles and feet. He came all over me. I loved it. I used my feet to rub it all up and down my legs and when my friend went to sleep I sniffed it.


Things started to really heat up between us all then. Her dada would come into the bed and lie behind me. With me in the middle he would reach around and play with my nipples while I kissed his daughter. One night I took his hand and set it onto my friend’s boob. I made him squeeze it but when I removed my hand he took his away and slid it into my panties. I copied him and as he fingered me I fingered his daughter.


We both orgasmed that night over and over and then I received a full load of *** to my back before her dad left us to go to his own bed.


I started to fantasize about him and even turned down dates with boys in school cause I wanted my friend’s dad. Then I got my wish and one night when he came in we were both naked. He climbed on top of me and took my virginity. My whole body shook as he rammed into me. His daughter’s tongue was battling with his and fighting to touch mine. I could feel both their breath’s in my mouth before he pulled out and burst his load onto my stomach. The last of it dripped onto my ***** and when he left the room his daughter went down on me. She licked me clean and made me ***.


The whole experience lasted a number of years but then one night when we were all in bed naked I did something I probably shouldn’t have. I was in the middle and he was lying to my left hand side feeling me and kissing me. My friend was on my right hand side sucking my nipple. I reached down under the covers and took her hand. I moved it over to her father’s penis and used it to stroke him. He probably thought it was just my hand. I copied the movement I saw him do when he would sit at the bottom of the bed until he began panting. His kissing became more passionate and then I let go. His *** was ******* out onto my skin as we kissed and I slid my two hands over him. He must’ve known at that point that it wasn’t my hand that was on his **** and he got up and left the room.


After that he didn’t lie in bed with us anymore. Instead he came into the room naked and took me by the hand. He led me to the spare room and made love to me every time I stayed at their house. This went on for 2 or maybe 3 years until we finished school and went to college.


My friend is a lesbian now and I see her regularly but I rarely see the man I loved for so long. I still like to get naked with my friend and kiss girls but nothing compares to the feel of a man’s hand on my body or his *** on my skin. I love to feel a **** go hard in my hand and I love to have a man inside me.

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Great story!

so hot sweetie!!!

did you never feel abused or used, when you think now how he got off on you? surely you were too young at first?

He may be the luckiest man alive! Thank you

Wow! What a lucky guy he was. Have you ever looked him up for old times sake?

This is a wonderful and very HOT story!!!!!! :)