I Look So Much Like My Dad That I Offten Get Mistaken As My Aunts Daughter

i am my dad's daughter.every time my dad introduces me to a coworker or friend of his they( women always say it) always say "o you look just like your dad" or "wow you look so much like you dad". my dad and i don't  only  look alike we have tons in comon .we both love rustic camping,ice fishing,open water fishing ,deep sea fishing,hunting ,hiking,and so many other things. we even find the same things funny( others don't always think its funny,but we do ). My mom calls us two peas in a pod, i feel bad though because for my mom's hole life she wanted a girl and i'm really not much of a girly girl, more of the tom boy type. so i don't think i'm what she wanted when she said she wanted a girl. but at-least i know my dad is happy with who i am:-) he is my buddy ,my forever friend ! and i kn ow what ever happens he will always be there for me, he is my dad, and the best guy in the world.
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O sorry i had to go and wanted to post my story befor i left so my laptop din't freeze up and end up loseing it,but i didn't finish the story .<br />
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once my mom took me to a baby shower for someone on my dads side of the family. When we were there this lady walks up to me and neals down and says" o i know who's daughter you are,your Karen's!). Karen is my aunt ,i love her to death but there is one thing that anyone who knows my aunt knows, she had troble having childeren and she only has one because of it and its a boy named Jake .if there was anyone who could have lots of children and love each one with there hole heart its my aunt but she was only able to have one even though she got pregnet may and may times befor she actuly got him.

I'm very happy for you and your father, I wish I had a bond with him like that!

Oh and also tom boys are awesome!

lol thanks! i do have to say we tom boys are so much more well ronded than those boring barbie girls! LOL!
Ya i love that i can actule talk to my dad , he really understands me.