I Look Like.............................

Like a dog most would say.
Like a man most would think.
An outcast because I am woman in men clothes.
A hairy chick because I have PCOS, he said.
A hot mess because I am not hip to designer clothes and what's hot in the fashion world, she said.
I look as if I am a creation God has made and he no mercy on my face, he said .
I look as if I am hurting on the inside, they said.
I look as if I am gay because I am, he said.
Gained so much weight so I look fat, she said.
Smoke to much so I probably look like an ash tray, he said.
Drink to much so I probably look like an retard half the time, they said.
I look irresponsible because I am 24 yrs old with no job or money, we said.
oh forgot something I also look like horse because I have big teeth, she said.

There's is tons of things I look like and I have accepted the fact that I am not most beautiful thing on earth but I still gotta love me flaws and all. I love the fact that I am different and unique because that makes me look just perfect to me, I said.

gnorm1989 gnorm1989
22-25, F
Jan 16, 2013