A Normal Person

If the sun comes

My eyes will shine

If I find a flower

My nose will smell

If I see a good friend

My lips will smile

If someone needs to talk

My ears will hear

If I get a mirror

My wrinkles will appear

I am a woman

Beautiful or ugly

It doesn’t matter

I have feelings

and I am real.


*My friends know how I look like and if they are not sure, I will be more than glad to show that I have a face*



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14 Responses Sep 14, 2009

Beauty that radiates from within<br />
to match the beauty of your skin.

those are not wrinkles, they are laughlines!

the words that u have used to describe ur looks......<br />
<br />
i can totally visualize u....<br />
<br />
and i see the most beautiful person on earth.... :)

The most beautiful princess in and out! Smiles!

you are a real woman,i can feel peace and beauty in your heart, you live up to the nature of human being, love the people ,love the society, and we can only make ourselves happy and lovely by treating others well

It would be so nice to see a giggle in your eyes.<br />
<br />
sultry, sensual i have seen

You are beautiful through and through <br />
<br />
And we all feel better by knowing you xx

Perfectly said, lovely lady :)

one of incredible beauty<br />
<br />
seen in your eyes, your smile and most importantly in your heart

I agree you are real and you are beautiful.....

I visualize your story in my minds eye and it is beautiful. Yes you are a real woman Princess, flesh and blood, heart, soul and spirit..<br />
sensitive and compassionate..<br />

You are very real and gorgeous woman! A beautiful gem adorned in red jewels. Beautiful eyes and smile. A compassionate and loving heart. And last but not least a great Lady, a poet and super wonderful friend to so many of us.<br />
<br />


and a lovey woman you are.