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We did it! Actually she did it!

It was about two years ago and we needed our water toys fixed. Not having the skills to fix them ourselves, my wife posted an ad that read,..."mechanically inclined female seeks ski mechanic".

Really? With all my encouraging her to be playful, flirty, naughty and tease and her denial of my encouragements, she would REALLY post an ad that read or included "female seeks".

Needless to say she got many replies, yet with her goal being to get the skies fixed, she selected one that seemed to be the most skilled.

With his answering her add, arrangements were made to bring our skies by his place. My naughty mind went into over drive, considering based upon the words in her add, she was willing to be flirty, tease and maybe even flash a bit to achieve her goal of skies repaired and cheap.

The day came to take our skies to his place for diagnosis and as she came out of the house to hop in the vehicle, I took notice to her sheer top in which she had no bra.

It was late afternoon and she engaged in text communication with him, notifying we were on our way and would be there soon. With directions that were not too hard to follow, he told her he would be waiting out front.

As we neared the house it was obvious we were the people that he was expecting as we had the skies in tow. Enjoying the eroticness of her see through shirt, I made sure that as I entered the court in which he lived that her side of the car would be curbside.

As expected, he came up to the car, introduced himself, undoubtedly getting a clear view of my wife's large natural 36DD breast through her sheer shirt and directed to back the skies up into the driveway.

As I did so, he remained by her side of the car and as I stopped to realign the trailer, my surprise she hopped out of the car.

As we have been together for SO many years, there was no doubt in my mind with her hoping out action that she found him to be attractive. She is not one to simply randomly show her body off to other men and her ploy on the way was undoubtedly to get a deal on the ski repair.

That she did and with many other visits to complete the repair and maintain the skies, I have many more stories to share should anyone want to hear.
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yes share but with more details

nice story,thnx for share