Walking Canes Help Walking With Style

My walking cane

has become part of my appearance, my style, my life  - and man! I love it. But it certainly didn't happen overnight...

Here's my story of finding my new looks, my style and peace with myself.

My story starts 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with MS in February 08.  This month changed my life forever.  The symptoms of MS just showed up one morning.  And they are still around. 
Ffatigue, slow walking and seizures - all these symptoms are familiar to those who have MS.  The seizures I had were most aggressive when MS first showed up.   As time went on, i realized I couldn't walk.  This mean a change of the whole life style as walking had been my favourite pastime.

But i was not ready to give up.

In my fight with MS I tried different options. First, it was rolling walker.  Then a wheel chair.   It worked but it was not the same.

Fatigue would often show up with unannounced visits.  I would be having a good day and then there came fatigue with heavy legs, depression, and what not!  
With time I have found my new companions - walking canes.  I know it sounds strange.  But ignoring the problem didn't help.  I decided whatever I have to deal with for the day I'll make the best of it! 

Since then I have learned to enjoy the attention i get when I show up in style with a fashion walking cane like this ones

I love them all  - and very proud to carry them around.  With Style. And Fashion. And Confidence.

And this makes people turn their heads and makes me feel very proud of myself.

Nicole66 Nicole66
56-60, F
Aug 4, 2010