Over the Years

  Over the years I have come along away, from a head strong young man to a man who has come to love life. It's been a hard road with many bumps and turns in the road, but the journey has been worth it. One of the things that has helped has been my looking glass, everyone has there own but I have two. The windshield of my semi and the scope of my rifle. Though them I have done alot of soul searching, and what I have learned is it's time to go for what I really want and what I really want is to be home every day with me wife and kids. The icing on the cake is to start my own business. I will find a new looking glass and move on in chasing 0y dreams. YOU SHOULD TAKE GOOD LONG LOOK and see if your l66king glass is showing you a new road.

longgun longgun
31-35, M
1 Response Mar 15, 2009

Yes, you have come a long way....one that amazes me, at times...this journey we've been on sure has taken us to some interesting places, huh? And it is wonderful and fascinating watching you grow and change...right along side me...I am so proud of you, baby...love....SS