Apparently I Look Like Im 15

Im 21 soon to be 22 in a few months...majority of the people i know and some hu are jus random strangers think i luk 14-15 it doesnt really effect me to be honest....its better to look younger then older right? maybe when im 50 il luk 40 lol...theres only the very few hu actually think i look my age, some people think my younger sister is older than me, i just try and take is as a compliment and move on!
Kuri786 Kuri786
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

lol yh it is a good thing i ges im not really fussed just gets annoying at times

I think its great to actually look younger that you really are. Good for you :) I'm 23 and people think I'm like 28, its horrible :P