I Look a Lot Younger Than I Really Am

Im 19 but i've had loads of people saying how i look only 13/14 years old. It is really frustrating because its not like i can do anything about it. It also affects my social life cos whenever i go for a night out i always get asked for an ID which is emberassing, guys my age wont even look at me cos they think im still just a kid. And really i just find it rather offensive when even just random people tell how young i look (as if i dont know) and sometimes i feel i dont get enough respect. And none of my friends have got this problem, its just not cool.

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Someone once said, "age is just a number" that may be true, but some of us have sure got bigger numbers than others.

I'm 19 as well, and usually get the question, "How old are you?" I used to ask people to guess, but was always disappointed when their answer was in the '14-16' range. Recently, I was walking with a friend of mine and a woman stopped me just to tell me how tiny I am. O_o. Creep. To most people, they tell me it's something to embrace... but being 5'2" with a baby face just lands you with a play-date with your 12 year old neighbor. No good.

Have you ever heard - "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth."?<br />
<br />
Half the WORLD would trade very important things to be able to say those words. As for being embarassed by getting ID'd, are you sure people don't think you act too young as opposed to looking that way?<br />
Think about it...

Seems like you have the fountain of youth in your side? You're luckier then you think. Just remember that when you age, you will be youthful and vibrant. Take advantage of this!<br />
Just be yourself and prove to yourself that you are mature from the inside. <br />
I know women who wish they get carded for their ID still.

hang in there young lady, later in life you will love it!!<br />
<br />
I was the same way only on the male side of things.<br />
<br />
??? I have, what have you done to make yourself look older?