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 When guys hit on me, they always ask my age. They want to make sure I'm not the innocent freshman in my early teens that they think I look like.


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Someone once said, "age is just a number" that may be true, but some of us have got bigger numbers than others.

I'm confused by the two posts under me. Are they implying that your a guy when it obviously says your a girl? I'm just going to say that it is good to look younger and as long as there are people hitting on you, who really cares?

i think we were talking about meisterwolf there.
and i agree. i'm glad that i look young and hope to stay that way as long as i can.

theirs your answer, I told you, straight blokes think your a girl.

u must look cute. dats y guys hit on u more than girls. lol. girls tend to go for taller guys.

I wanna stay youthful too. Even if I do get ID'd another 10 years!<br />
<br />
5ft. Around 152cm. Don't know which measurement you use.

u r in the same boat as me. but i dont really care much. i want to stay <br />
<br />
btw, how tall r u?

I am 18, yet I look 14. My height certainly doesn't help. I get ID'd everywhere! I bet it continues for ages!!