Rubber Cement? Seriously??

I am in my early twenties so it never really bugs me to be carded for alcohol or to get into clubs or anything.

But when the lady at Wal-Mart insisted on an ID for me to buy RUBBER CEMENT (apparently you have to be 16) I just about lost it. I am standing there with my car keys, paying with a credit card, and she thinks I am under 15??

I think this lady was just blind, because normally I don't get carded for anything...

it was weird.

impacteddiva impacteddiva
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2 Responses Jun 9, 2007

Realize that this is most likely NOT someone truly thinking you are under 16, but a case of lawyers-run-wild and paranoid corporations. All it takes is ONE underage person to buy something they shouldn't have been allowed to buy, and a lawyer swoops down on a corporation with deep pockets. Even if the case has no merit, the corporation will likely pay up to keep the story out of the press, and they will create new rules to prevent even the slightest risk of the same thing happening in the future. So please, do NOT assume it is the cashier making a bad judgment call. I know from personal experience that bartenders are required -- by law -- to card anyone they think appears as though they MAY be under 30! I'm sure this is the same sort of thing...

You think that's bad, people think I'm freakin' 15 years old! I'm not even that short (5'4")!!! Grrrr.