Guess Me A Minor

If I go anywhere than the usual spots I hit (the local gas station, liquor store, beer distributor, sports bar, grocery store), I get carded.  Always.  It's practically a rule of thumb.  One person actually tried to argue with me that it wasn't me in that ID picture and I probably stole it from my older sister (which I don't have one).  The guys at a different gas station actually had a poll going about how old I really was.  One of them said thirteen!

I look so young that the sixteen year old baggers at work think I'm datable.  I constantly get hit on by the ones that don't know.  Old dudes looove me.  My boss was giving out Christmas presents (wine) and had to ask if I was 21.  I actually got asked at work by a customer if I was even old enough to be working at that place! 

theophania theophania
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1 Response Jan 8, 2007

wow you know the exact opposite is happening to me, people keep telling me i look 20 thats a four year difference