Megan, You Brute!

I see you every day being all that you can be.  You are your own person, never afraid of what anyone thinks of you.  I wish I was like you.  I want to trade places with you.  You are who I want to be, inside and out.  I hide in a corner like a scared puppy.  You take charge and see right through me.  You are miss independent, miss self-sufficient, the tough woman who is not afraid of men.  You are fierce and confident in your own skin.  Never is there a time when you are coy.  You stand up for yourself.  I never stood up for myself or anyone around me.  Sure, you intimidate me, in your brave, strong soul.  You aren't afraid of what you have to do when determination sets in.  You will conquer.  You will succeed.  I look up to you-even though I am somewhat afraid of you.  Are you afraid of anything?  Every day that I see you using your strong, wise mind, I am torn inside, yearning to be you.  To trade lives, if only for an hour.  I want to know what it feels like to be self-acceptant, brave, and outgoing.  It will never happen.  I will always be the person stepped on, and hiding from the rest of the world.  Megan, you are the woman who stole my heart and breath.  You are fifty times stronger than this *****.  I amend you for it.  Please, teach me how to be you, my love.  How do you do it? 

18-21, F
1 Response Feb 10, 2010

Be ur own person, u ar very special a great friend and u have ur own unquie personility!! As one of ur friends I wouldn't want u too change who u are, ur just perfect being u and that is so great so be proud of urself, cause I am proud to have u as one of my friends:]