I love dictionary.com

I look up words not only to extend my vocabulary, but I think it's important to look up words when reading to better comprehend it. So I'll be sitting here reading, come across a word I don't know the meaning of, pull up dictionary.com and find out! =)

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4 Responses Jul 16, 2009

I see that http://wordweb.info also works and is shorter & easier to remember.

O cool, thanks for the tip, NewChrissy! I typed it in my browser, and it sent me to yahoo search with the search results - the first being the word at dictionary.com. =)<br />
Thanks for the link to the website you like too!

I like http://www.wordwebsoftware.com/<br />
Also, in some browsers you can type "dict quixotic" on the address bar to look up words. Try it and see if it works in yours.

Same here....hehe