Ever since I was child, I learned to look up words. Only because my parents were fed up with me asking all the time, "What does that word mean?" So they bought me a dictionary and would answer my question with an very annoyed, "Go look it up!" XD

So, every now and then, a person will use a word that I am not familiar with. If I am chatting with someone online, the first thing I will do is go look up the word! It's best to find out what a person is saying, instead of nodding along and pretending that I know what they mean! lol. If it's in person, I will nod, and then go home and look it up laters. =p

I am not too proud to admit when I don't something and I'm not ashamed to learn. :-D

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1 Response Jul 17, 2009

I definitely like the fact that you look up words to better understand what someone is saying rather than just go along with it if you don't. "Smile and nod" works great sometimes, but not always!