When People Think You're A Kid...

I'm, 18 but I've been told I look like a 12-14 year old many times. I've got a babyface and I'm short so that doesnt make things better. I've had a police officer question if I was old enough to be driving, telling me I shouldnt be on the road. Also, when I was registering to vote, the person instructing everyone to where they could go laughed in my face and thought I was lying.While volunteering at a daycare this summer, I asked if I could get a job during the year. The director said yes, but her boss needed to monitor me first. A few days later the director told me her boss thought I was a mature 12 year old- I didnt get the job. But prom was the worst! My mom was helping me pick a prom dress while a saleswoman asked her what was the occasion. When my mom said it was for prom the woman was like,"Wow I didn't know they did prom for 8th graders." Ridiculousangry
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2 Responses Jul 31, 2010

wow. a little more than a year ago when i was just about to turn 17 i got from a lot of people that they thought that i was 14, but 12 is just ridiculous!! i feel for you girl.

That is funny. I was very tall for an 11 year old so they were not going to let me into the auditorium with the rest of my class because they thought I was lying to get out of class for older students. Finally, my teacher was like she is in my class.