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I have a youthful face and body. When I was in high school people used to ask me if i was just starting when i was actually in my fourth year. After i had finished one of my boyfriends introduced me to his brother. Well, he later told me that his brother had said it was illegal to date someone 16 and below. I was 18 at the time.
I went to college about 2 years after high school. People thought i was right out of school and when they actually learnt that i had had a bit of life experience before college they were shocked. They all said “but you look so young”.
Now i am a mother of two boys and when i go into stores to buy something for my kids people, (especially guys trying to hit on me) say “Oh is that for your nephew/friend's son/daughter/brother/sister and i have to patiently explain that i have 2 kids of my own.
When i was pregnant with my first child and we were all waiting around at the clinic, this lady says to me “why get married so young” and began telling all the benefits of waiting. When i told her that i was 24 she looked me straight in the eye and i could tell that she thought i was lying. So did the nurse too apparently as she asked to see some I.D. Sometimes its irritating but most times its so much fun. You can easily make younger friends and you keep up easier with younger siblings. If you are slim anf fit then all the better you do things faster and grow up with your kids.
Its so much fun. My husband now looks so much older that me (the beer belly doesn't help) and he's so jealous. So overprotective. my sister wife seems much older that me though she is one year older than me. people look at her and think she's the first wife. my 22 year old sister looks like she's my twin and my in laws treat me like a baby cause they wonder if their didn't cradle ******. oh the joys of youth.
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