I Look Way Younger Then I Am

It has it's good and bad sides. I am not short I am actually an average height maybe the reason is because I am too skinny but anyways. I am 18 years old but people have guessed me from 13 to 16.  I always have to show my ID if I want to buy alcohol or go to bars. I have friends which are younger then me but look way older then me, once I sended someone a picture of me and my friend, that person asked me: "Is that your mom"? lol. But I know once I will be like 45 years old I will look like 30 hahahahaha good eh
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5 Responses Mar 6, 2007

I always hated looking young...until I hit my 30's. Trust me, one day you'll love it. However, I can also understand the annoyance of always being treated like a child. I'm short and have always been small statured and I know that doesn't help matters. I have a sister who is 10yrs younger and people either think that we are about the same age, or that she's older. HA! Count your blessings cause when you're older, you'll really appreciate looking young :)

When people say "You'll appreciate it when you're older", it doesn't really help the mood too much, because, chances are, you don't want to have to wait that long. Looking that young at this age seems to be more of a curse than a blessing, especially when people like to make a big deal about it :(

So,how to keep younger?Did you have some advicees?<br />
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Lucky for you. I am the same way, and since I'm "old" (almost 40) now, I really like it!<br />
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BTW, no such thing as too skinny. So long as you are healthy. Super skinny women are the best to me (and many other guys). Love who you are!

Lol, I am kind of like that too. My old classmates were a year younger than me but they looked like a few years older than me. I only got ID once in my life. Lol, and it was from my uncles store.