A Burden And A Blessing

I Look Way younger then what i am is a Headliner i live with. I know somewhere somebody saying what a problem, looking younger then your age, really? Im here to say For me personally, Me looking younger has had its downfalls. First and foremost i have to put extra effort into appearing OLDER or More Mature just to do the simplest things. Job interviews, i walk in they see me and rite from the start i can sense a little less need for professionalism, They patronize me and start bringing up random off end remarks thinking im some hip youngster that can relate or somehow knows "isnt that what the kids are saying these days". looking for a date isnt easy either. Yeah you may get the occasional Your cute your nice and thats great but not when its followed by,You remind me of my little brother, my Nephew, and whoever else you categorize as cute and adolescent. Let me bring up another one just for the hell of it, LOL, Going out with the guys can make you feel like a dartboard at times. The harmless yet constant references to the, YEAH YEAH Whatever babyface, how many times a YEAR do you shave? Do you still get carded for cigarettes? Do you still drive on your permit? its harmless i know but point is its not like your bulletproof or things must go rite and be better for me. Ive had my share of self confidence issues and like most i make the best of it but if you ever see me somewhere just know, im probably just as confident as you, no more no less im not bulletproof im Human.
hwood773 hwood773
26-30, M
Feb 20, 2012