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School Girl

I picked up my son from one of his high school functions, very recently. The parents of his Girlfriend had not arrived to collect her yet, so we waited with her to ensure all was ok. Teachers were amongst the pupils outside keeping an eye on them, whilst waiting for parents who were late. I was asked by one of the teachers, "Are your PARENTS on their way to collect you" I just smiled and said yes. One of the nicest compliments I've had. Oh, and another time, when I was much younger, my daughter was in High School at that time, and when I went to fetch her, one of her fellow pupils asked her if she could make a plan for him to date her SISTER....she said WHAT, that is my mother!
seacrets seacrets 46-50, F 8 Responses Apr 17, 2012

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WOW ! i too have always been told i look younger and i feel younger too . i d like to play different ages as per the circumstances but will always keep the inner child alive and kicking ;)

From your profile picture you actually look younger than I am.

Thats why i try never to act my

That's good stuff when you can get it. : ) People usually think I'm younger than I am too, but it's probably just because I'm immature. Lol.

thats amazin, you must feel great

Now a days this has been a fashion and parents can't do any due to way of their own life.

I knew a girl in high school who, standing alongside her mother, you would swear they were sisters. The mother looked more like she was in her mid 20's than her mid 40's.

Nice! You gotta love statements like that!

it sure gives one a big boost at my age

Tell me about it. I am 53 and get lots of compliments too.