Really, A Student?

During my nearly ten year teaching career, i have been mistaken a handful of times for being a student and not the teacher. This error continued until i reached the ripe age of 30; now, at age 34, not so much.
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3 Responses May 7, 2012

You do look young, very young (considering you are 34). Yet, very attractive :-)

You do look to old for elementary school, but, ba<x>sed on the profile photo, you could still pass for a senior in High School. Your wording in your story, made it sound like you are deeply disappointed that the flattering comments about your youthful looks have waned? Don't feel sorry for yourself, you're an attractive woman who is no longer considered a minor............. enjoy it.

Not disappointed, more amused than anything.

join the club!it happened to me too.Am 31 and i have been a teacher from the age of 25 and people always commented that i look way too young.