I Don't Need A Babysitter

I went to my cousins house to stay for a weekend. My oldest cousin is only one year older than me. She had a friend come over who is the same age as her. She saw me and ask my cousin who the brat was she was babysitting. I hate that because I am short that everbody thinks I am way younger. How could she babysit me if she is only one year older.
gummybear22 gummybear22
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4 Responses May 23, 2012

u might be short but im only 4 feet tall. and always get sitters .

i get babysat by our neighbor girl is who 2 years younger then me only because she has experience at changing diapers. my parents say that makes her more mature then me because i still need diapers and she is responsible enough to know how to change them.

I am also pretty short for my age and I know how much it sucks. Before I got put in the respite place My parents actually hired a babysitter for me and I am 14. But I tried to kill myself so they don't trust me anymore

I hate that. I used to get that all the time. It drove me crazy!

Im glad somebody understands how it feels. Sorry that happened to you too!

Lol the short people need to stick together! I'm tiiiinnnyyyy. Now my friends say they are babysitting me cuz I'm so small :P