It's Really Sad How Young I Can Look Sometimes... Part 2

When we last left off I had my encounter with a store clerk this next part of my story just happened recently within only a few months ago. It involved a cop and the same old middle school as the last one lol.

It was just after summer vacation had ended and it was time once again for back to school in COLLEGE. I'd say it was about september and to me it was just another average day minding my own business. Now need I remind you that when I am dressed out fancy and what not I look like im atleast 21 but as of that day I was lazy to the max haha. I was out of college class for what ever reason that I cant seem to recall but I was enjoying some alone time to myself when all of the sudden my mother called up and asked me to take my little brother some lunch money at my old middle school. I thought nothing of it and I knew dad was going to be home soon and we could go out to grab our own lunch at a nice place somewhere so I was in a good mood. I said sure ill go take it to him. Thinking nothing of how I looked the way I was dressed. Nothing. So I headed off.

As I arrived I walked into the old hallways of my youth and enjoyed a trip down memory lane as not to forget why I came in the first place though. I went into the attendence office and I spoke to the lady at the front desk. "may i help you?" she asked. "umm hi im here to drop off my little brother some lunch money." I said quick to respond. She gave me a quick look over from head to toe and then thought nothing of it as she said "sign your name in please over there". I quickly agreed and did as I told and then she looked me over once more. She seemed to make up the excuse of needing to see some ID....for giving lunch money... an ID. I thought whatever and gave it to her. She looked at it and then just let me go as if nothing happend. I didnt care so I finished up my business and walked out.

As i came apon the front doorway an officer looking as if to start his shift came in the other way and held the door open for me. I thought to myself what a nice man! As I was about to stroll right out the door and back to my car and then...."umm excuse me son? What are you doing?" I got this look on my face like huh? okay what is going on? So I gave him a responce "Im umm leeeeeaving sir?" still having that wtf look on my face. He began to look me up and down just like the lady at the front desk. Now let me paint a picture in your mind what I had on. It was throw on shoes, baggy jeans that were a little scuffed up, an old shirt that had some kind of kiddish stuff on it (lazy day remember?) and my glasses...the thing that make's me look 8 years younger... so anyway he continued with his questioning. "You umm lost or something? you think your going somewhere?" I was like "umm yeeeeeaaaah? I just came here to pay my brothers lunch money and now im headed home." He lightend up abit with that remark but still holding strong to the questioning. "Excuse me sir is there someplace your supposed to be right now?" he asked me. I simply responded with... "umm yes my car sir im leaving." With that I could feel the air around us getting kind of tense (see if your in highschool visiting a middle school for any reason during school hours or even right after middle school lets out it gives the cops the right to ask questions and even arrest you). So anyways he responds with "excuse me son what umm campous are you with?...what school are you supposed to belong to sir?" It was at this time that I knew he thought I was some kid and who could blame him with the way I was dressed?! I was in shock! but I responded with a little quiver in my voice "ummm Im ummm in collegggggge" still with the wtf look on my face..."Sir im 20 years old." I responded and then all of the sudden the air lifted once again! "Oh my god son I am so sorry about that! I did not know I sware!" I was like "it's ok officer I understand how I look sadly...." He then just responded with "have a good day!" and rushed into the building to hide further embarresement. I was almost arrested by a cop! Just for how young I look! Now that's bad! lol
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Hahahahahahaha ahahahahahahah hahahaahahahahaa school child !! Ahahah

shut up! lol jkjk xD yeah.... it sucks looking so young atm... ill be carded every where i go until i atleast hit like 30 probably xD

lol i have looked 18 since i was 16 but now i still only look 18 :/

hey you still got the youthful look of a 17yr old by far lol ;) so dont sweat that at all trust me :p i know because well im in the same shoes as you xD

=) lol......
I sposse :D

that's the spirit miss jess ;)

lol back in a couple of hours .....

k :p

wait ...wait...wait ...i have returned early :D

yay! haha what did you do? :o btw while you were gone i did another story haha my boredom got me inspired today lol

ooooo i will read it lol and i was going to go out but i cant now ..... :'(

aww message me why in the private message because i want to hear your story :o

K :).

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