Thanks Mom!

 I am 41 years of age and I do not look it. I am constantly mistaken for a 28 -32 year old, called young miss or young lady. I recently went to an Mature Party for 40 year old and up and got ID'd....what a hoot!

My mother who is 63 years of age, looks like she is 45 tops! She has the most beautiful porcelain skin and I have been lucky enough to have inherited some of that. Mind you avoiding the sun like it's the plague might also factor into it !?!

 Either way, you got to love genetics!

Thank you Mom!!

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breathtaking babe! please add!

You do look like your 25 the least in your picture, but my god you're ravishing

Thank you Maxdixon95.

Shaylon, yes that is me.....<br />
<br />
Ambivilient, *smiles*

Me too....

Is that you in this photo?

Perhaps he is....only time will tell. *smiles*

I would have to say that there definitely has to be a man looking for you. He might even be closer than you imagine.

Thank you....I hope so. There is nothing better in life than to have someone special in your life, to share life's journeys, good and bad.....I look forward to it.

He is out there and you will find him one day and it will be special .

Comebacksoon, where is this man and where's he looking? I am easily found.......

So looks are on your side there is a man or even a woman out there looking for you.

Creams help moisturize and nothing more. It's a billion dollar industry, the skin care products. Women are fooled, and desperate to get that youthful look, but they don't realize nothing will help. You either have good skin or you don't , from your parents. Yes, you can take care of blemishes, and spots etc, but there is no anti aging cure. And moisturizers do help dry skin, but as far as wrinkles's all in the DNA. If there was a cure, we'd all have it by now, and not with a gazillion products out there either. I've never bought into it, and never will. Hell, cheap olive oil or vaseline smeared thinly all over your face and legs and elbows every night works just as well, if not better.

Yes you are indeed right, it is the genes and not the creams!! Mind I still buy a cream or two, makes me feel girlie, Lol!<br />
<br />
BTW, MymanRuss, I love the avatar!

Yup yup yup. I always say your skin is only going to look as good as your DNA. It's the genes, not the creams baby. :P Only staying out of the sun helps.

Thank you to both of you!

can't wait to see you

You sound absolutely lovely