Blondes Always Look Younger...

I saw a documentary a few years ago called the The Blonde Mystique.  I'll save you the long sordid storey of some of the experiments that they carried out, but they set on a quest to discover the truth or fiction behind the enduring mystique behind being blonde. The most interesting part to me was that, next to brunettes, blondes will most often be guessed to be 8-10 years younger than they actually are. 

This is really true for me.  I'm just short of 35, and am almost always guessed to be under 25.  I was ID'd at a liquor store just three months ago!

I don't mind appearing younger than I actually am.  It's flattering to me to still be ID'd, and I wouldn't change it at all!

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Well, you can buy liquor in Canada at 18 too, and I still get ID'd here. Although they ID anyone who looks under I guess they suspect I may be that young.<br />
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I beg to differ about your opinion about the documentary. I guess you would have to see it to understand what I mean. I only mentioned one factor about "looking younger", but they studied a variety of different factors about the perception and stereotypes of blonds in society. They looked at a variety of factors, and the results of the studies they did certainly did not give any impression of making blonds feel better about themselves. What it really did is prove the stupidity of the stereotypes, but the fact that society really does believe in them and treats blonds a certain way because of it.<br />
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The documentary was interesting in that I experience many of the situations they studied, and people DO treat me differently because of my hair colour. It didn't necessarily make me feel better about myself, except for the fact that I know that I do not fit into the stereotype!!!

If that is true about blondes looking 8-10 years younger, you'd have a problem getting liquor in Australia. You can actually buy liquor here at 18. You'd have a hard time buying liquor looking like an eight year old. I think that documentary was just a way of making blondes feel better about themselves after all those thousands and thousands of blonde jokes throughout the ages. lol

I can understand that appearing 15-25 years younger could be irritating. At some point you want to just look and feel younger than you actually are, but still fit into the same generational bracket that your experience and maturity dictates. For me it's usually 5-10 years difference, which sometimes isn't so bad....but being in my mid-30s, it doesn't seem to put me in a completely different generation at times.<br />
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I suppose there are some that TRY to look younger, and others that just DO look younger. I would prefer to just look younger and grow old gracefully. :o)

There are times that being thought younger is irritating. I would be out with my 32 year old daughter and she would introduce me to one of her friends as her mother and they would get his stunned look and say that's your mother,,,I thought it was your sister. It happened too much and one day I asked her if it irritated her and she said no. A couple of times that I have been out with my grand daughter one or two people have said something and referenced me as her mother and I would correct them and say I'm her grand mother and they would say they couldn't tell because I look too young to be a grandma. I'm 50 and am told that I look 27 to 35 years old. When I was in my mid twenties I used to get carded! That was really irritating.