I'm Turning 25 In 2 Days

And just last week when I was getting my wisdom teeth removed they said I needed a parent to be at the office to take me home. I laughed and said "my mom is working but is it okay if my husband takes me home?" and pointed to him in the waiting room. The lady's jaw dropped and she said, "OMG, I thought you were 14."

My husband and I just bought a house and meeting the neighbors has been the same thing. Honestly, I don't mind, means I have more time before I have to look old. The inconvinience of occationally not being sold alcohol even though I have a valid ID is worth it. Its had its benifits too...just a month ago some jehova's witnesses came to my door and asked if my parents were home. I said no, and hey its not like I was lying, lol. Its also funny looking younger because my husband is a year younger than me but looks 30 so people give him odd looks when I kiss him in public. When I went to his work for something someone thought his daughter was there to see him. Someday I'll look like a grown up, lol.
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I get funny stuff happening to me too, like people asking if I'm an adult when I buy a bus pass, or asking for my parents when I answer the phone.

Maybe its too early for me to come up with weird ****, but I can't think of anything Hartley. Any ideas?

awwww.......but hey moon.....we could use that !!!!<br />
think about it !!!!!<br />
fun stuff !!!

Hi skysail, the same thing happens to me at the theater or when I buy a rated M game ,lol.

The same thing happens to me all of the time. I'm turning 25 in a month. I still get carded for R rated movies.

Thanks Tioka17 :)<br />
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(I'm sure you aren't a peodophile, lol)

thats hilarious.