Dont Like Looking Too Young For My Age

hi, im 27 years old and i look like im still in high school, sometimes middle school.  people always tell me that ill appreciate it when i get older - i hate it when they say that.  im almost 30 and its not making me any happier that i still look im in middle school/high school.  its actually kind of depressing.  i dont think anyone of my age approaches me because they think im some child/teenager. people even treat me like im a kid too, boo.  and i dont think liking robots, cartoons, manga, games and anime helps me to look any older lol.  also i think its had a huge impact on my dating life.  im glad i found this site though because im not alone on this matter which is nice to know.  i havent met anyone who looks just as young as i do for their age.  
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I've even had people laugh when I present my ID to them, it's a huge slap in the face. The other day this over chatty girl at the grocery store (who was probably about 10 years younger than me!) referred to my boyfriend as my father. Ugh.

hi..i know the 27 and mostly people think im still young and looks like high school student ..they even asked for my id etc for them to make sure im not minor..sometimes it feels kinda annoying but mostly of the the time im flattered of their comments and you should feel also that you are lucky to have this kind of weird BENJAMIN BUTTON

Hey I too know the feeling. May I say I am actually young :) im 17 going on 18 in June and will be going off to college this summer. All my life I've been mistaken for being 5 years younger than my actual age. Im 4'11 and have a petite body frame. I've been at my high school for 4 years now and still get mistaken for a underage freshmen. Middle school kids often think im in their age group and it doesn't help that im very mentally mature for my age. Im viewed upon as a leader of my peers but I honestly believe if it wasn't for that no one would believe I belong in high school. I dress really conservative but that doesn't seem to help. I even have the hardest time dating. :( im scared to go off to college when I look so young!! Makeup doesn't help cause ppl tell me I look like a big girl lol soo yea. I think it comes down too more of how you carry yourself.

I understand where you're coming from as I too get that constantly. I'm 22 and look about 16-18 at most. It feels as if life moves at a slower pace for us doesn't it? Our dating life gets affected, we don't get respect from people our own age (heck, I've even been disrespected by people younger than me who thought I was their age or younger). It really is a **** show. Unfortunately, I don't know what to tell you except for the fact that we probably are going to be grateful for it later. When you're 40 and looking 25, you'll be attracting loads of fresh young tail. And you can always act in a mature, put-together way to show these people you are indeed respectable.

I can deeply relate to you. I am 27 years old female but look like a 16 year old girl. I'm of petite frame 130 pounds, 5'4 with a baby face. I get it from my mom who said at my age she was stopped several times by cops patrolling the area at night in her neighborhood as she walked home from school/job. I hate it though because people always treat me like a child, ask me what high school I attend, often ask me about Justin Bieber, ask me for ID while playing the lotto or anytime I use my own credit card. Working as a social worker has become has affected my career because people from my boss to my clients do not take me seriously. Unfortunately the irony of it all has placed a damper in my career, social life, and even dating life. I get hit on by little kids at the malls (anyone who is under 21 is 10 years old to me). There are times I just want to develop a shell and hide inside like a turtle. It has made me feel insecure and added to me introverted attitude. I have tried to find ways to look older but I feel like a little girl trying to play dress up. I don't know what to do anymore!!

Look, I'm on your side and in your corner. You say that you are a 27 y/o female, about 5'4''. Well, try being a 6'6'', 31-year-old male. Does "creepy, weird-looking little boy" sound strange to you? Try living life in my shoes for a day- all right, I won't even give you that, 2 hours, to be exact! I get all sorts of crazy looks when I'm out in public. I try desperately to find more mature-looking clothing for my age, without looking real old. However, that too, isn't enough for me. I dreadfully hate going to the grocery store, or out taking care of business when I need to, all due to the well-known reality that I will not be taken seriously, and that feels like I am down beyond the bottom of the barrel (or, in this case, The "Pit of Despair"), which at times, I don't want to even leave the house. Look, as a human being, know that I have personally made some well-dumb, stupid mistakes (I won't mention them, because it is way too embarrassing to tell, didn't we all), however, I am seriously making an attempt to turn my life back on course (no arrest history, and, a squeaky-clean driving record, may I add that). The daunting problem is that no one believes in me anymore. It seems like I am living a horrid nightmare, and I can't wake from it. There are people in my neighborhood snickering, making funny faces at me, and even the neighborhood kids sometimes tease me with the ever-so-often (okay, here it goes), "Quit being a $#@!&". Just thinking of that makes me cringe, so much so, it drags down my self-esteem. Case in point, it's like I'm literally eating out the palm of someone else's hand- gross! My work life has deliberately taken a substantial downfall. I have an extremely difficult time making good, honest friends, and finding a real long-term relationship. I simply just take what life has much blessed me with and make the best of what I already have. Okay, to sum it all up for you, I sorrowfully feel your pain, and I wish you all the best in life, wherever you are. Keep your head up high, girl!

I would give anything to look young again. I am now 71 and I hate it. I still feel young until I look in the mirror. I too looked very young at an early age. My freshman year in high school all the guys would tell me "The grade school in down the block" I then hated looking young, now I would give anything to look young.

OMG! I can relate to you so much. I've always looked young for my age. I am 27 as well and ppl always think I'm a teenager. I hate it! One lady a couple months ago thought I was 12. I mean come on now! Looking young has definitely affected my love life. Only young guys or old pervs try to hit on me. I feel also I get disrespected more. I get ignored all the time and then I gotta get loud to let them know im almost 30. It is so frustrating. I mean everything about me is young.

First off both of my parents look young 4 their age. I'm really short and have a baby face. I have a baby voice and I don't act like a 27 year old either. My dad still calls me a baby and I'm his oldest. I seem to look younger every year its strange. I'm just not aging. When ppl find out how old I am they just stare at me and just can't believe it but at the end of the day it all comes down to what kind of person you are! Thats more important :)

I'm experiencing the same thing. I'm 36, but people tell me I look like I'm about 22. People are always shocked when I tell them my real age. I used to like looking so young, and I thought it was hilarious the way people would be shocked when they find out how old I am, but after experiencing reactions like that since I was 20, it's old now. I find it more annoying than funny when people are shocked to hear my age. I don't like looking so much younger anymore, because nobody respects me.

I've noticed lately that people treat me like I'm a stupid kid who doesn't know what she's talking about. Whenever I say something, people dismiss it outright. They don't believe me because they think I'm a stupid kid. People also don't respect me. Sometimes people are rude to me for no reason. (As in, I'm being polite to them, but they respond to me rudely). It's really difficult when, for example, you're working on a project in college with a group, and you can't give any input because they keep dismissing everything you say because they think you're a stupid kid who doesn't know what she's talking about. Or when you have a problem with another student, and try to explain it to your teacher, and they think you're just making excuses because they think you're an immature kid.
Or employers don't consider you for jobs because they think you're an immature kid who is going to show up late all the time and slack off during work hours. (I always show up on time, and rarely take sick days or time off).

Sometimes I feel like making a button to wear on my shirt that says "I'm 36 years old, so don't treat me like a stupid kid." It's ridiculous that no matter how intelligently I express myself, or how I dress, people still don't respect me because I look so young.

I usually don't wear makeup, but I'm going to start wearing it so I can make myself look older, and see if that makes people stop thinking I'm a stupid kid.

I also have a hard time with looking young. I'm 20 now but people still think I need a kids menu when I go to restaurants with my parents. I never thought I looked that young but ever since high school people tell me I do. Its really hurtful and it sucks because I can't change how people see me. Now that I am in college its alot harder for me. I feel like I don't belong because I know people look at me as a little kid. Even today a girl sitting next to me asked how old I was and said I look so young. I have very few friends, none of which I actually hang out with on a regular basis. My looks hinder me socially and I feel it will also hinder my career

I feel for all of you all. I'm forty-nine. I am always called Sweety or little cutie, And that's at my job. :( Listen,I even......can get away with a lot of confrontations, I protect and serve the public. And always hear..:... 'Aw, she's just doing her job.'. I came to the conclusionst to accept my role in this life, and enjoy all the gifts and smiles from people. And thank the Lord JEHOVAH

For the first time in my life I thought that looking younger than I actually am is a bad thing. I just turned 21 and look about 17, or 12 as this particular person thought! I'm part of a pretty dynamic team and chosen on merit and as a senior member instead of welcoming me on board he treats me like a kid who is like a burden on the team!

Don't get down and depressed, friends! Know that this is your one and only life, and that when you are old you will look back and only regret the days you spent "mourning" your young face. Think about it this way: If you don't get depressed and you push through without losing your sense of self-worth, then when you start to enjoy the benefits of looking young you can help other people who also look young to push through as well. If you are strong now, you can help others be even stronger later! So what's the worst that can happen? And it is really worth wasting precious hours of your life worrying about your life when you can just go out and LIVE your life without a care? Keep this in mind.<br />
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Just FYI, I am 18 years old and I have been told that I look 12. Yes, it hurts, and yes, it makes me want to curl up in a ball in bed in the morning and not go outside. Thankfully I have a few amazing people in my life who have helped me get my mind in the right place about it - I couldn't be more thankful for them. Also, I am a believer in Jesus Christ, and the day I began to find my security in His love was the day that I really started to get over my insecurities. I say that only because this is my story - I don't want to push my beliefs on anyone else, but I am just sharing what has helped me.<br />
<br />
So just keep all things in perspective - you might look young, but you can't let that get you down. If you let it get you depressed, you will end up wasting your life and then you WILL have something to be down about, so just don't take yourself or what other people say too seriously. Live your life for everything you can make it!

I know exactly what you mean. This has been my problem all my life, looking 7-10 years younger than I am. I've been pegged for 14-16. I'm 23 now and teaching freshman english courses. It's not that I'm particularly bubbly or dress childishly, or even a petite female - it's my unfortunate baby face. People immediately pin me down as a teen. I just hate it! Growing up I had a brother who is 11 years younger than me and people would always mistake me for him on the phone! Always get carded, always get dubious, surprised looks when I tell people my age. I've been mistaken for a middle school student, high school student and even a student in my own classroom! Believe me, it doesn't help with dating either, unless I'm interested in teen guys...<br />
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It's a frustrating problem. It's worse that I don't really have a "kid" personality and see myself as a serious professional. All my life I've considered myself mature personality-wise but don't have the body to match that. People assume when they meet me I am that and them I think I come off as overly severe. I just want to be treated like an adult, not a child.

Hi I'm 36 and look 27, which is great when I'm not seen as a threat, but not so great when I need to be assertive and get I bossed around because I look too young to fit my profile. This also translates into a lower income. People tend to treat younger people with less respect, in my opinion, and that's when it becomes more challenging.<br />
Maybe we can use this to keep up a great appearance and get a head start on our careers while other ladies are spending a fortune on cosmetics and so much time at the beauty parlour? It's probably not going to change, and in ten years time people will be treating you as a mature 27 year old, so try to use it to your advantage and learn to be assertive as hell!

Hey! I'm going to college and I'm 27 and people say that i look like a high school student. Maybe that is why women at my age don't even look at me because of my young appearance. Sucks. But Oh well. I'm happy anyway i have a feeling that I'm gonna live for one thousand three millions years. hehe xD. Be positive don't let anybody let you down! :)

Hi I recently decided to look this up online since i also deal with the same thing. I am a 23 year old guy about 5'4-5'5" and i look like a freshman in high school. It is comforting to know there are others out there with the same thing. Especially women as i feel the same way. Its hard to approach a girl knowing they are probably to young for me or will think im younger than them.<br />
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It was rough working a part time job when i was 16 because i probably looked 11-12 and every single day customers would come in to the store and ask if I was even old enough to work. Over the years it has messed with me but I''ve managed to bury it deep down and make it through. I know it will pay off when im 30+ but the next few years are going to be lonely and depressing. <br />
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The thing i hate the most is not being taken seriously most of the time. People see me and hear this little voice that still sounds like a teen and assume im just a kid who knows nothing. The worst part is im also a musician who sings amongst other things but looking and sounding so young makes it hard to be on stage i ended up quitting my band and now spend my time by myself writing.<br />
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I really wish there were more people like this out there and local so i could have a few kindred spirits to connect with. I can probably count my friends on one hand because im always hiding from people. Sorry to rant.. I also find this whole thing stressful.. i even became a heavy drinker for a few months to try and get away from it. Stay positive guys. I like to think looking young also means im aging slow. Maybe we will live to be 150+ Thats how i get myself through the days :)

You are not alone! I was bullied constantly in school for looking so young for my age. I looked like a 12 year old, first year boy until I was 18, basically. The amount of abuse I got from boys and girls was unbelievable. <br />
The boys pushed me around and the girls taunted me every day, calling me 'little boy' and 'skinny boy' and some even said I looked like i should be in primary school. When I was starting sixth form (at 16) we didn't wear uniforms any more and everyone was starting to look like grownups and go to the pub and stuff, and nobody could believe I was 16. The new students were like, 'how old is HE?' <br />
When I was 17 I remember some of the girls saying I looked 13, but then when I was 18 and close to leaving school, there was some new teacher who didn't know me and asked me if I was in first year. <br />
I did get some benefit from looking young, and took advantage of it a bit, but mostly it was a nightmare. Even my friends didn't take me seriously and sometimes even they joined in with the bullies! I couldn't get a girlfriend, I was lonely and because of looking like such a child my parents wouldn't let me go out much...<br />
Now I'm in mid20s and rather taller but people still ask me if I've finished school! I introduce myself to new colleagues in work and they ask me if I'm there for a week's work experience! <br />
So tell me I'm lucky....

Hi, i feel for you, i am 28 29 in october, yet i still get told i look about 14, i think it is irresponsible for people to say you look really young and then treat you as though your the age you look, how would they like it if we were rude enough to say "really your 30 i thought you were 45" i would never dream of saying this to somebody, so how is it acceptible the other way round, yes i look younger and they wish it was them but i wish i looked my age, sometimes you really do have to understand that when someone's got what you don't have it doesn't alway's mean they are luckier than you. I am also fed up by the constant "when your older you'll apreciate it" yes you'll look young but you won't have the knowledge because everyone treat's you as though your a child, it's very hard to make friends this way as people your own age think of as an adolesent, it's frustrating, here i go ranting again but it is very stressfull, i am glad there are more people that have this problem, as for 28 years i have never come across someone with the same issue.

I know exactly what you mean...i'm not 28 yet but I am 25.And then on top of that I'm very slim for my age as well so that doesn't help and I have that same issue with those that are my age or even younger for that matter. Alot of them feel that because they have children or are married that I'm below them or I'm not as smart or wise as they are now because i haven't been married or haven't had kids yet. What really gets on my nerves is when they come at me with little pets names like "Hey baby how are you", like we weren't in high school at the same time and didn't take the same math same english same science! smh, you are right it is very frustrating, i just wish that people would stop looking at the outward and starting treating me with more respect as the adult I am