20 But Look Like A 14 Year Old

this has been something that has ran through my family, and it looks like i ended up inheriting it myself. my family tend to look younger than their age and people seem to never beleive how old we actually are. lets start with my grandma, she is 90 but is mistaken for a 70 year old, doesnt need a walking stick or anything, and she always likes to do things on her own, she sometimes doesnt like being offered a hand. then my dad, he is 55, but is mistaken for being 35 years old, he is small like me and is skinny, so he appeares to be smaller, and once again he likes doing things on his own and is able to do alot of stunts too which he learned from martial arts. now theres me, i am almost 21, but the manager at work always thought i was 14, because i am about the same size, maybe a bit smaller than the average 14 year old australian kid. each year i feel guilty when my birthday comes because i dont feel as if i am that age. its something i hate, when that time of the year comes. its only when i get facial hair that people will think i look older but without my facial hair, i like being clean shaven, people will think i am sort little boy. i kinda hate it because i feel younger than the girls my age and people my age seem to be more advanced than me. oh well. i guess thats genetics.

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Hi, you are experiencing the downside of a good thing. 12 year old kids wanted to play with me when I was learning to swim at age 24. Now that I've taken up surfing at 55, I kind of still fit in. You might want to stay in school a little longer than you intend to (go for that graduate degree...it won't hurt you). It's a nice environment for young people. And when you graduate, your youthful looks will make you appear brighter that you actually are. In the long term, if you take care of your health and manage your weight you should be able to have a very long enjoyable life. Cheers!

I look probably 7-10 years younger than my age. I'm starting to gray a little in the past year, but--in the face--The Lord has blessed me. It's only a bad thing if you're vain; use it in a "I'm better than them" type way; use it for evil/to gain an unfair advantage; and exclude others as inferior. The thing is that, while others' faces mature faster than ours, our faces will likely remain younger for longer. Some of us will be 60 and look 45. Some of us will be 42 and look 35. A few of us will be 38 and look 18. For some of us, it is a window that will come crashing suddenly down after years of freshness. Enjoy while it lasts, because it might not be here for much longer. It may give you the confidence to step up and be counted or step out on a job. You may get the young gene from your grandmother, but it may crash to become your grandfather's(as a person might look like their mom in younger years and dad in later years).

I'm 35 by the way and can pass for 25-28 years old.

Same goes with me and my family. We don't look anything like our age, when I get to meet different people they would always throw the overused question and would be shocked when I tell them my age. I'm 20 and people always presume that I'm a 13-15 year old.

I am going to be 25...and when i ask to people what is my age can you guess?! They say 24,25?..then i feel i looklike 25 but why people treat me as a child???..what after reading your story.i am feeling good. :) THanks

Same here, I'm 20 years old, 5'2" and 108 lbs. But it has its advantages; I'm a nursing student and I do clinicals at a hospital near my college. When patients ask me how old I am I sometimes like to freak them out by saying "I'm 14, my mom left me in the break room and I'm really bored so I figured I'd put on this scrub I found and play doctor, it says here that the nurse has to draw your blood, I guess I'll just go ahead and do that for you".

Your family sounds a lot like mine. When my grandpa finally passed away the people he knew in town said he was too young to die and were shocked when they found out his age. I'm a chick so looking young doesn't bother me but I can imagine how it would bother a guy. Just be patient, you'll look older eventually and you'll be happy when you are 60 and look 30. :)

I know how you feel. I don't think I've changed appearance wise myself since 14. I'm serious, I'll look at some pictures, and I'm shocked at how unchanged I am - even after 6 or 7 years! Like you, growing facial hair helps a little bit, and I'm grateful I can grow the little bit I can. And I feel you on how it sucks to feel younger than the girls. Within the past few months or year, I've felt uncomfortable about the thought of my old classmates growing up and looking like adults while I still look like a teenager. It just kind of sucks.<br />
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Anyway, as far as your family goes, I think it's great that everyone seems so healthy and active. It's cool that your grandma can move around without assistance at 90 (a lot of people can't do that), and I'll bet it's cool that your dad can do stunts at his age - something I'm sure a lot of people wished they could do. With your family in good shape, it's likely that you'll end up the same way, so there's a plus right there at least.