Look Like Teen, Lol

I've been in a number of times being approached by strangers telling me that I look like 17-19yrs when I'm 26, married and expecting! When I told them I'm 26 they're shocked! Lol, maybe because of my petite body and not so much into make up ( I normally use my eyeliner & mascara n I'm good to go!) & maintaining my 'natural beauty regime' by using natural organic cleanser for face,body & hair. keeps me up and youngin' ;)
kelishaminda kelishaminda
1 Response Jul 19, 2010

lol...I know the feeling. I am 37 (divorced) with an 18 yr old son and ppl say I look 25! It's great (sometimes) but the problem is that I attract a lot of very young men, instead of older more mature suitors. Nevertheless, it makes me feel young so I accept it as a gift.