Enjoying A Quality

I'm 29 years old, and I don't look, feel or, at least, act my age. I never smoke, and I drink only on special occasions. I still have a full head of hair. When I remember back a decade, I still weigh nearly the same with a lean body. My face looks unburdened; I'm not married and I've had my share of stressful work. I am like myself who time traveled ten years ago to today.

Strangers who ask me questions like, "When do you graduate?", get the bewildered look once they know the truth. Young women will give me the "Oh" and then, the interested "Oooohhhh." I feel blessed.

Whether it's my style of living or just plain genetics, I hope when I turn whatever age in the future that I'll look at most ten years younger.
outsidewitness outsidewitness
31-35, M
Aug 8, 2010