Time Is On My Hide

I'm 57, but I don't look a day over 56.  Of course, it's a 56 that's slept in a culvert, been thrown down several flights of stairs, shot full of Thorazine, done time for drug smuggling, and endured the ravages of what, in polite society, is called "divorce." 
ElLagarto ElLagarto
56-60, M
11 Responses Jan 19, 2008

Age is in the mind; or so I keep telling my knees.

That would account for the decadents in the fender.

lostbird -- For some reason EP gets mixed up on my age all the time and starts the count on the wrong year. I'm a lot more decaded than it initially appears.

Well you've only travelled through 2 decades Mr Chaos, so you are very mature

As I have travelled through the decades, I've grown to appreciate those that show their age.

It would be my honor.

Thank you ElLagarto<br />
I MUST buy my very own copy and plead that it be signed by the author...

Well, my darling POE, you could always buy a copy of Invisible Driving from Amazon.com - there's a pretty nice photo of me on the back cover! Actually, I think if you went to the product page you could even use the "Search Inside" feature and see the back cover for free. Have great day POE!

There IS a FINE photo of Jimi...but no you.<br />
hm<br />
How are we to know if you look younger than you are with no photo?

PHOTOS!<br />
{maybe I should peer at your albums....}<br />