So I've Been Told!! :-)

I have lost count the numourous times i have been told, i don't look my age! My son and i were taking the dog and my grandson for a walk the other day and a few school girls said to me!, "oooh!!! is the baby your brother's? i said no! he is my grandson! lol and the man i am with is my son!! lol They really couldn't get over it that i was the grandmother and i have son, my son's age!! lollollol A few people have commented i don't look my age!!
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CowboyPoetic, :D i really believe it is in the genes, to be truthful, :D My mother also used to receive compliments about how young she looked! :D And quite a lot of people say i look the image of her!!! :D

justme1959, :D I am mostly on Ep :D lol thank you for commenting! :D

Lol SM2010 :D Your father must look young as well then!!?? lmao! lol :D Thank you for your comment! :D

Rageagainstmachine! :D i agree with your comment, because the same have applied to me! :D Funny thing i have another story on this very subject that occurred, yesterday actually! lol I had a compliment from a few "teenagers" lol :D <br />
Thank you for your commenting, my friend, :D You and i must be doing sopmething right then! lol :D

Oooh! that is a lovely compliment isn't it?? it's the same as my son and myself, people think we are "brother and sister". I think we are doing the right thing, we use umbrellas, hats, sunglasses and suncream in the hot weather and the heat of the sun,. :) Yes!! i agree that is the key to keeping some of the wrinkles away,. My friend is a "sun worshiper" she will sit out in the midday sun with!! (wait for this) baby oil plastered all over her, including her face and then wonders why she looks "old and wrinkled, her neck is like a "Turkey's" and she cannot understand why!! :( <br />
Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your story with me! :)

my son who is in elementary school is often confused as my brother. i get confused looks from other people and they compliment me how young i like. i think it's because i don't bake myself in the sun. if i have to go under the sun, i will use umbrellas, wear hats and sunglasses and that's one of the reason why i look youthful.

Awwwww!!!!! Diane!! thank you so much for your lovely words!! :-) awww!!! how thoughtful!! my darling thank you!! :-) And thank you! for commenting!! :-)

Awwwww!!! thank you!! Alice!! :-)

I reckon your sunny nature helps to keep you looking young, wb :)

Awwww!!! thank you! SM2010!! :-)

Your so right Lena, yes! your so right!! :-) thank you for your comment! :-)

Awwwww!!! thank you! staleywise!! and thank you for dropping by also!! and leaving a comment!! :-)

NANSELTER, oh!! yes!! indeed it surely did! "give my ego! a massive boost" lol :-) There my mother was always told she never looked her age! and people tell me i now resemble her!! :-) <br />
Thank you for your comment my friend! :-)

Thank you my darling!!! :-)

That must give a real zing to your ego! It's nice to have a good long run at being young and pretty!