I Look Like I'm In My Late 20's, Not Early 40's

I guess I look young for my age, and it must be due to my Asian genes. I get it all the time-people shocked at how young I look. It is a little bothersome because people don't tend to respect me much until they get to know me. I am a hard worker and I am dedicated and honest. If I had my choice, I would rather look young than old. I am sure one day it will catch up with me but for now, I will enjoy it. I tend to attract much younger guys. Not sure yet if that's a good or bad thing! :)
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I know exactly how you feel, miss. I sometimes get when people tell me I look like I'm 17 or 18, and I tell them my secret to that. They're actually shocked to realize that what I do makes me look younger than my early 20's. Sometimes, I even get when they tell me how I'm good-lloking and all, and that I'm a "Jake Gyllenhaal", and I take that as a compliment. Of course, it ain't so bad looking younger than you are. Cause when you're older, you won't feel so old. By the time I'm 40, I'll look like I'm 27 or 28. By the time I'm 60, I'll look like I'm 47 or 48. It'll be such a great feeling.

If your profile pic is a current pic of you, I agree. (It is a good thing)

From what I see of your profile pic I think you look fantastic.

if that is you in your profile pic than you are so right you look so youthful and gorgeous... Asian genes do have great youthful skin... I enjoy your stories you sound very nice and would love to get to know you better please add me :)

I'm 28 and people say I look 20. I'm pale Irish with freckles...For the record I personally think a lot of slightly older ladies take care of themselves more than young 20s do so therefore look better. Enjoy your young looks! I intend to for as long as poss!

I do too; being in my 40's people think i'm ten years younger!

Believe me....I aint patronizing you or something....but looking at the pic....I thought you would have your page display aged between 26 - 30. <br />
I can understand and feel the part where you dont get respect due to your young face...since I am 26....but people tend to think that i might be in college....they are clinging to the thinking that since he has "babyface" and not the usual face....he might be "baby" too.... I tend to play along it with a while and then surprise them when they least expect me too....<br />
However we got an advantage too....which allows us to attract opposite sex which are much younger....So I feel blessed enough to have such an "babyface"

Personally I think we are as young as we feel...So from your beautiful picure I'd say you feel young, love quality conversations and take good care of yourself. Keep up the good work. We need more of you!

Oh thank you! I try to be myself and hope that I make a difference to someone, even if it's a small gesture. You are certainly right, we are only as young or old as we feel!

i most definetly agree with your story ~ you dont look a day over 25 ! keep up whatever your doing !

i'm 26 and i think you're hot, so i guess you're right, you do attract younger men. :-P

You sure do! Its the same with me, I look younger than my real age and I love it.

Wow, you're lovely. My bet is you'll be beautiful at any age, simply because you're smart and decent.

I think that attracting people too you younger or same age or older just goes to say a lot about you.There is more to you than just pretty looks.Good for you.

ba<x>sed on your profile pic, I would have thought you were much younger. You look great, do you workout? or eat healthy? in addition to your good genes. <br />
<br />
I look younger then my age and while I credit my genes, I also eat healthy (vegetarian) and work out regularly so I think that helps.

I am not sure why I look so much younger. I try to eat healthy but I do love sweets! I try to exercise also but not as much as I should.

Ahhhh, sweets and coffee, my two remaining vices. I try not to do too much of either but as far as vices they aren't too bad.