22 But Look 16

I went in the bank to apply for a personal loan, i'm 22 going to be 23 in August, the lady looks at me and says i'm sorry I just have to ask, you are over 18 right? I have been carded obviously, showed my OVER 21 license then asked for a second form of ID , I really hope  this pays off when i'm older.
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1 Response Apr 30, 2012

I think that it will come in handy later in life. I wish that I had your problem; I am 24 and have been rated as old as 50!!! I look and act older than I am and so many people think Im in my late 30's to early 40's. At least your predicament goes the other way around. Take it from me being called older is alot harder to accept then being called younger.

I never thought about it that way :)