I Definitely Do Not Look Like A 14-year-old.

People tell me I look like I'm in my teens. One person thought I look as young as a 14-year-old. I was shocked. I guess, I have to express my gratitude to my parents for their genes. I'm 22, but I've always looked younger for my age.
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7 Responses Jun 25, 2012

Yes, I guess smaller **** do make a girl look younger. But surely there's nothing wrong with that !! I'd love people to think I was younger than I am !! Your profile pic is really lovely, you look gorgeous however old you are !!

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Those are good healthy genes, I've have noticed a lot of Asian women look young too, i think thats a blessing no? imagine having it the other way around, you look 30 at 14??? . I see a lot of Philippine women in NY and i just think they are sooo beautiful.

It could be worse. I don't look 14 either. BUT I AM 14! At least you're on the good side of looking young! It's a ***** when you're still in school!

you know i have a girlfriend now she was in the Philippines and shes at your age yeah she was then i know its not good to be this way and considering im much older and she was just like you,still it works out,though now we give space for each other so that things will be different and even im open for everything as long she would be happy and dont say anything about it,just i hope the best for her.

I don't see where does this come from but...Man, I've also been told that I look 14 or 15 and I feel happy at the moment if it's with my friends. Though I do hate being called a young man when I help some old lady pick up her phone. I am not...a young man. Do you see my chest?

I've been told by two people they thought I was 18 when I was 31.. It's great when that happens. :P