23 Years Old - Treated Like High School Student On Daily Basis

First let me state that I have a very content lifestyle with friends and family, I am well aware of others' more serious misfortunes and I know that I will appreciate 'it' when I'm 40.. but for now I am just looking to help ease my mind.

The title makes a long story short, but I suppose the reason for my posting is to seek advice or comments on my situation. I am 23, about 5'8 and 150 lbs, fairly attractive, not overweight or scrawny, and if I were commuting about your local high school with a book-sack you would not look at me twice. I don't have any facial or chest hair, and I didn't have a happy trail until I was 20. The problem is that it is almost like puberty just froze in time and I never got past that stage.

Fast forward 5 years and I find myself struggling to meet the right women, making good business impressions at work, and just plain doing things that adults should enjoy.

Recently, I've found that any girl that is into me is too young or immature. In turn, anyone that I express interest in can not believe I am above the age of 20. I realize that being kind of picky plays into this but I am certainly not shallow by any means. In other words I am not going to date just ANYONE because they accept my young appearance. Basically I am stuck until I find literally my perfect match, as there just isn't much playing the field with me. This can be frustrating.. I've even been on dates where I got carded for a drink but not my younger date!

More importantly, I also find myself getting strange looks when it comes to work. I am not anything special but I do manage a store and value what customers and employees think of me and my performance. While I do a great job managing the store, it is hard not to notice the comments and questions like 'how old I am' or if 'my family owns the store', they just add up over time.

Basically, if I were 17 I would not be posting here.. it would be completely normal, the things that are said to me.. But I want to appear to be the man that I am. Will it ever happen or will I just go from young right into old and frail?

Thanks for listening, I feel better already.

- RC
Ananymus Ananymus
22-25, M
Nov 28, 2012