Learning To Be Ok With It

I’m short. Really short. I’m 19-years-old, and I’m only 4 foot seven. I might not be the shortest girl in the world, but let’s just say that I have met an uncomfortable amount of kindergarteners who are as tall as me. Now, when you first meet me, you might feel compelled to tell me how short I am (i.e., “Wow, you’re really short.”). But really, there’s no need for that. I kind of already know — I do own a mirror.
I never always thought i was normal until I started getting old enough for kids at school to start picking on me for it. I’m pretty sure I was always the tiniest kid in my class: constantly at the front of the line when we were in height order, always squirming in my seat to see the board or the movie better, and always being patted on the head and being told how cute and little I was by everyone
When I was younger, I hated being short. I went through middle school and the first few years of high school literally praying every night for God to make me grow just a few inches taller. I stared at the taller girls with envy. They didn’t get easily mixed up with a crowd of first-graders and they definitely never had trouble playing basketball in gym. I used to feel like a freak, like I would forever be defined as “the little girl"
It took a while, but I finally learned to love being short. If I’m being honest, yes, I would like at least 2 inches added to my height (is that really so much to ask, God?!), but I’m pretty happy with my tiny stature. Still, there are definitely some things that are a little annoying about being the short girl. first off, my period, tampons will not due, they hurt way to much. then finding a shoe that fits right without looking childish. I once bought a pair of sneakers without really checking them out. the next day at work i couldent figure out why people were laughing at me. the shoes lit up in the back with each step i took. embarrassing much?

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I feel for you I'm a guy and I'm 5 4 and I went through it too

Great story you seem to be a very smart young woman with a great outlook on things. Also a very beautiful young woman too.thank you for sharing you're storyor stories they are interesting but good

Great story. And forget the top shelves in stores and the kitchen cabinets. What size shoe do you wear. And wow on the tampons. The short girls I have know, well they were never short there. Be happy that you have a nice body and gorgeous face. ANd to be honest I would say you are gorgeous and not cute. Height might make you cute but I bet that gets old,

You might not be tall but seem to have a great personality and are very intelligent, You will do fine.

yeah cabinets are a big pain in my butt. i have to get a chair if i need to get something out of them, or someone in my family will help grab it. my shoe size is a size 6 and a half.

She size could be worse. You get under 5 and you are in childrens. Under 6 is hard to find. Like you said you have a normal body (above average though) and normal features. Just short! But a nice smile1