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I don't know how old I look. People love to try to guess my age, I know I look younger than my mother did at my age. She has always looked old I think. My father always looked younger than his age so I must get the genes from him. The only good thing he has given me!

I am 41 but have been aged from anything between 26 (pfffft) and 35.

I am a bit scared of looking old because right now my children's friends think I'm cool and fun.

I think the secret to looking young is how you dress and your attitude towards life.

I am 22 on the inside and don't feel a day older ;)

living4now living4now 41-45, F 2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

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How did that saying go, "you're only as old as the woman you feel". :-) In my head I still think like a nineteen year old a lot. My increasingly white hair and other age related issues serves to shock me back into reality.

Lucky you! I think I look older than my age, probably because of my grey hair. I don't mind, though, it is actually a benefit at work as it gives a certain gravitas to my appearance which can be useful.

Is it grey or white though (like Sean Connery)

Grey, darker in some places and lighter in others. I am quite happy with it as I still have a full (and thick) head of hair. My grandfather had a full head of hair until his death, thick white hair. So I guess I will end up like that, not needing a toupe.

Phwar! Grow it really long and have a french plait! you are lucky to have a full head of hair. Make the most of it. I bet you would look ace with a goatee too! (if you don't have one)

I love that you are happy with grey hair. so many dye it away! I think it can look very sexy and distinguished.

BTW, never ever get a toupe or comb it over if you loose it. If it starts to go cut it really short or shave it and show of a beautiful head!

Maybe you are right - I should grow it long. But I always have it short (and no beard). I wouldn't do a comb-over, I find it hilarious seeing someone with a comb-over in strong wind. I wouldn't really get a toupe either except as a joke - I'd deliberately get a bad one that didn't quite match my hair. But really, baldness doesn't run in the family, I'm sure I'll end up like grandfather with thick white hair in my eighties.

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