I Look Younger For Years

This has gone on for some years; from all the way to my last years in high school to now.

I have been asked on how old I am so much, that I've sort of made up a game in which people have to guess on what's my age for three or more turns and then I'd tell them.

So it was no surprize that when my mother, her (ex-)boyfriend, my little sister and I went to my mother's b.b.f. and sister from another mother birthday. We had a good time but when we were saying good-bye to everyone, the birthday girl herself walked in and chatted to us for a while. When she turned towards me and my little sister, she said that I looks much younger (even though she knew that I was the eldest from my sister) and I looked 17. Then she looked at my sister and say that she looked older than SHE was (like 20 years old), to which we all laughed at the age thing.
We then said good-bye and left.

But that's not the only time I was mistaken as a younger person. In my tafe class; when I was on work experience, I was asked by another work experience boy on what age I was with a friend who was in the same boat as I was. I told him my age (20 years old) and he refused to believe that; thinking that I was a younger person and was playing a joke on him, even though I told him over and over again that that was my real age.
nooncat nooncat
18-21, F
Jan 16, 2013