I look younger than I am tell me how old I look in this photo honestly
RainbowWolf13 RainbowWolf13
16-17, F
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this photo you look 15 or so

this post is like 6 months old???

Eleven or twelve

13 maybe

love your glasses,,, hmm,,, I would say about 14,,,, very pretty!

No offense but you look five. Lol i know you are not.but the glasses make you look at alot younger.

you are pretty



early teens

You look young, you look 13. But believe me, when you're 50 you'll be like, "yea!! I look younger than I am!!" ;) good genes.

well since you are 13 now, i should say hmm surely you look below 13 here.hehe

I would say about 12-13,,, very pretty btw

13? 14?


well.. I guess it's your sweet face that really makes you look younger than you actually are.. trust me.. You will pray for this to have gotten stuck to you when get older.. ;)


To me you look about 14 and I wonder if you should be on an adult site like this ?

you look like alovely wolf

old enough to ****

Around 9.

No -.-

Seven and a half.

Not eve close way to young

Eight and three quarters.


9 lol

I don't look 9 at all in this pic?!?

U do

How do I look 9 in this pic?

aw cute :)

DAM i feel sorry for u..


Why do you feel sorry for me?

Forget you

You would look older if you gained weight

you look like your 13 :)

Yep lol

wanna chat? :)

I'm going to sleep tomorrow 😊🐾 ok night

good night :)

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Ishould say you look like 12 here. But that´s also because I cannot see your whole body.

Thanks for the hearts everyone

I would guess 12 or 13 having only seen your face.