And I Am Not a Trophy Wife

I guess the title of this story is self explanatory. 

When I was young, I looked older than my age and when I am older, I looked younger.  I think I was born backwards or upside down, maybe back to front or even inside out

Who knows

I am about a decade younger than my husband.  When we go out together we had our fair share of stares from others My husband's blonde hair has turned platinum in colour and that makes him older than his actual age but he carries this style very well ;0)

People are no longer discreet these days--some would outrightly ask me (usually in a foreign language) why I was going out with an older man.  I laughed all the time but reassured them that he is not that much older.  I was told older men are better.......

The whisperings did not bother me at all.

I have been blessed with my mother's genes. Good skin. I am petite and slim. I have a good eating habit, I exercise and stick to a simple but strict beauty regime.  So these may have helped in my youthful look

I also enjoy mingling with the young crowd and a number of my friends are half my age. I have 8 teenaged nephews who think I am their cool Auntie Callas.  They invited me to their school dances and to the disco to be their partners

Every year we go on holidays together minus their uncool parents 

So I guess, not only do I look younger, I feel young too.

I am a good auntie and wife---a TROPHY wife? I dont think so because I am his first wife 

For better or for worse,  for older or younger, he better believe this........I am going to be his last wife too






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3 Responses May 5, 2009

I was a trophy wife. My second marriage, his first. I didn't like being touched by every Tom, ****, and Harry, so marriage helped. After 30 years I still look younger than my friends, and still have that long, silky hair. I'm glad you found the man who lets you be you. That's what helps you have a good time. :)

no! that's what i meant at all! you're story was good and i could feel a strong sense of self acceptance and confidence. i usually only make a comment on stories when someone is feeling down and seems to need a lift. i go to the random story box for this purpose. this time, i got yours. there was no sense of sadness to your story, so i felt like no comment was needed, but i wanted to take the time to write something. i apologize for my lack of communication.

no comment needed here.